Management Practices

At Chantiers Chibougamau we scrupulously apply the forest development and management principles advocated by government authorities. But we have decided to do even more—in a commitment to total transparency we have invited environmental groups to supervise and monitor our activities. We work side by side with local Cree communities to improve our forest management practices and keep harvesting thresholds sustainably within the forest’s natural cycle of renewal.

Increased commitment to silvicultural work

The company hires some 200 silvicultural workers every year. Chantiers Chibougamau engineers strive to continuously improve forestry management methods and practices.

Precommercial thinning

By providing space for promising young trees, precommercial thinning increases the quality of forest renewal by reducing competition for ground resources. This gives the preserved trees a greater source of nutrition and energy to facilitate their growth.


To regulate the flow of surface water, we dig canals through most harvest areas. This drainage promotes plant cover growth by improving oxygenation of the soil and preventing erosion.



Sometimes natural regeneration is not enough to maintain the high yield needed to ensure resource sustainability. That’s why every year Chantiers Chibougamau engages in intensive reforestation work. Selected seedlings come from a genetically improved seed that fosters optimal growth at reforestation sites.

Harvest strategy

Overall, our forest management practices are designed to ensure that new stands contain at least 10% more trees than the old ones.

On request, our team is happy to provide in-depth documents detailing how we abide by the Forest Stewardship Council’s boreal forest standard.